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Gallatin County
DUI Task Force

Who We Are

The Gallatin County's DUI Task Force is made up of volunteers from all sectors of Gallatin County, i.e. education, law enforcement, justice, hospitality, and other public health stakeholders. 

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What We Do

Through community outreach, we seek to educate the public on the impact of DUI's in Montana and Gallatin County, we aim to prevent the incident of DUI's through this education, and our overall goal would be to help with a reduction in the local DUI rates, even as Gallatin County sees a large growth in population.



The Gallatin County DUI Task Force seeks partnerships and events that help us reach different demographics. We don't teach abstinence from impairing substance, but rather alternatives to safe transportation; sober friend, ride share services, public transport, walking, etc.


Through local partnerships, we aim to prevent DUI's before they happen. Check out some local bars who have single use breathalyzers, find the Streamline schedule to see if you can catch a ride, to and from your destination. As we expand our operative reach, we hope to provide rideshare coupon codes for events that involved drink through geospatial technology that ridesharing businesses have access to.


As we experience growth in Gallatin County, we hope to see DUI numbers reduce. How might we see that?

  • Access to breathalyzer technology in bars, for personal cars, etc.

  • Advancements in ride sharing apps

  • Education on the ramifications (fiscal, social, professional, etc.) associated with DUI's

  • Stricter local and state DUI laws

Contact Us

1709 W College St. 

Bozeman, MT 59715

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