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Think Twice

Think Twice wants to help patrons who are not visibly impaired understand their risk before driving. This breathalyzer education program is funded by the Gallatin DUI Task Force to make it free for alcohol serving establishments in the county.

DUI Prevention Strategy

Breathalyzers are used by law enforcement to arrest people after they drive away from a bar or restaurant, so it makes sense to offer patrons an easy way to understand when they should not drive.

To accomplish this goal, we promote a single-use breathalyzer that informs the user if they are within a range between 0.00% - 0.08% breath-alcohol-content (BAC). It’s important to note the device does NOT provide a specific BAC result above 0.08%. This feature allows patrons who are not apparently intoxicated to know when they should not drive without causing a legal issue for the business.

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